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Iwallet™ First To Adopt Fednow™ Real-time Check Deposits

iWallet Provides Businesses Instant Mobile Check Deposits For Home Servicers to Accept Payments in The Field

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 14, 2023 – iWallet a fintech startup, developed a payment app for businesses and is one of the first processing apps to integrate FedNow, the newest, real-time mobile check deposit technology by the end of 2023. The real-time mobile check deposit provides businesses instant payments and piece of mind if a transaction is completed or if it failed.

All iWallet merchants making mobile remote check deposits in the field, will have the ability to have their techs cash checks, make refunds and use funds deposited instantly thanks to the FedNow, July 2023 real-time payments launch.

“Traditionally merchants pay a processing fee to use credit cards and businesses aren’t able to have their technicians make remote check deposits in the field,” states Jim Kolchin, iWallet Founder and CEO. “As an early adopter of FedNow, iWallet will be offering real-time paper check deposits free to qualified businesses.”

The main difference with current check processing going forward will be, the check writer will get a text message from their bank in real-time with a six digit code to confirm the transaction. This number will be used to verify the check transaction and will allow it to instantly process. Merchants will get a real time notification from the iWallet app via FedNow, that the funds have been received by their bank.

Additional merchant benefits for techs using iWallet’s mobile check deposits in the field are check stop payments will cease to exist since a stop payment can only be issued before payment is processed. The new real-time deposit capability for businesses will be at full capacity once all banks join FedNow, which can take some time.

With FedNow, iWallet merchants will be able to use the funds instantly from mobile check deposits in the field even on holidays and weekends when banks are closed.

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