COVID-19 Is Rejuvenating QR Codes

iWallet startup, on the cutting edge of the O2O revolution, launched QR Menu in effort to help businesses reopen safely. QR Menu converts paper menus into an online form that is viewed on a mobile device. COVID-19 has turned the world upside down creating challenges to bring people back. Contactless menus can help provide peace of mind to employees and customers when it’s not business as usual.

COVID has created new policies and procedures in order to meet reopening requirements. WebMD and other studies have reported restaurant menus to be one of the germiest touch points as it can contain 100 times more bacteria than toilet seats.

iWallet QR Contactless Menu Helps Restaurants, Spas, and Wineries Reopen Safely

Businesses can eliminate sources of potential germs by implementing QR contactless menus which replaces the need for physical menus. It’s a simple one step process to generate a QR menu at For consumers it’s easier, they just point a camera at the QR code and tap the link that pops up to view the menu.

“I’ve been working on an exciting QR application project, however when COVID hit I saw the need to help small businesses reopen. What started locally ramped into something much bigger,” States Jim Kolchin, iWallet Founder. “QR Menu was designed to be free because I know restaurants run on thin margins however it has been adopted globally including; Marriott International, Wynn Las Vegas, The Venetian, Panera Bread, Denny’s and more!”

Key Benefits:

  • Safer to use- mitigates the spread of germs
  • Saves time- easy to update and make instant changes
  • Reduces costs- no more printing and ink expenses
  • Eco friendly- eliminates the millions of paper menus thrown out daily

Reduced capacity, strict regulations combined with consumer habits that have changed, businesses don’t need to scramble any further. QR contactless menu provide employees and customers a touch-free way to help keep them safe. Paper is going away and contactless menus are here to stay.

About iWallet
iWallet is a touchless payment platform that was created with one thing in mind, helping businesses and service providers eliminate unnecessary processing fees. QR technology makes financial services more convenient and cost efficient. Using ACH bank transfers, the process is free to both merchants and consumers.

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SOURCE iWallet

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iWallet Brings Payment Processing on ACH Transaction to Aid Businesses in Starting Operation During Covid19

iWallet, Inc has introduced automation in transaction processing through Automatic Clearing House (ACH) fund transfer system. The new development is an advancement to the payment processing system for small businesses that can now receive contactless money transfer with no hidden charges applied. The social distancing benefit during the Covid19 pandemic extends towards creating QR menu for restaurants, with zero contact order generation facility. The future driven technology will help the restaurants open their business up, as the pandemic fades out. 

iWallet ACH transaction system is based on an easy and fast payment processing method where the user needs to point the Smartphone on the QR code and click. The payment data is stored in the form of QR code in a secured server with zero possibility of cash extraction from the card. This effectively ends the requirement of carrying cash and cards in the wallet and makes the transaction as effortless as possible. With ACH nor the customer, neither the vendor bears any transaction cost. The QR processing system by iWallet can be mainly used in departmental stores, supermarket, groceries, boutique shops and restaurants enabling the vendor and the user operate in a practical, innovative and ultra-secure technological platform.  QR menu is an essential part of automating the system in a futuristic manner.  With the new inclusion of iWallet, customers can also pay using credit card, but the processing fee is paid by the customer.

iWallet free QR menu benefits can be utilized both by the businesses as well as the customers who can now order food completely paperless/contactless. The technology is built towards empowering restaurants in the safe opening of their business. The customer has to scan the QR code present on their table to open the menu on their mobile and place the order. The QR menu for restaurants has already been tested in Italy. While customers found it difficult in the beginning, more and more are currently finding it an easy and effective mode of placing orders. The company is also working on SNAP/EBT processing with food stamp and government support in order to assure safety guarantee on food.

iWallet also extends its facility by providing an easy to build free QR menu option. The restaurants can now make a QR menu for the dishes served in a few easy steps. The iWallet system takes care of the paper menu sent to them via email in PDF or Picture format and converts them into QR menu. The menu is easily changeable as per the requirement, so to provide customers with real-time options available to be served. The technology that is meant to give a smooth start to restaurant business after covid-19 is also expected to begin a new system in the coming years with customers being more concerned about the safety guidelines adhered by the restaurants and other vendors.

The transactions made through iWallet are truly touchless, and with personal data being secured, the customers can get most out of the social distancing norm. 

About iWallet

iWallet provides a new age technology of processing contactless payment without the use of Visa/Master/Amex/Discover cards. The company, in partnership with Dwolla and Plaid, provides a QR code-based payment platform to ensure fast, secured and contactless payment, that is also deemed user friendly. The payment processing through iWallet ensures full transparency of the cash flow to businesses. With a focus on small and medium-sized business, the company offers payment processing up to $10 million annually at no charge at all.

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